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St. Francis Xavier Girls' High School

St. Francis Xavier Girls' High School


The Starting Point Of All Achievement Is Desire

The primary aim of education is to provide students with knowledge and understanding that would nurture the spiritual dimension in them. St. Francis Xavier Girls’ High School seeks to nurture every girl and bring out the very best in her, so that she can positively contribute to society with the best of her abilities.

Over the past 125 years the students of St.Francis Xavier Girls’ High School have contributed to society in many ways be it spiritual, political, cultural, sports, academic, defence and entertainment.

The Xaverites who have Done Us Proud

Ms. Elvera Britto

received the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1965 for her excellence in hockey.

Ms. Irene Mascaren

has was the torch bearer and commentator at the 1982 Asiad Games in Delhi.

Ms. Deanna Syme Tewari

had the honour of lighting the flame in 1982 Asiad Games in Delhi.

Ms. Lara Datta

was crowned Miss. Universe in 2000.

Ms. Cheryl Dutta

is an IAF Flight Cadet, who flew an helicopter with an all women crew for the first time.

Ms. Deepika Das

won the prestigious Teen of the Year competition in Mumbai, in the year 2001 and was recognized as the junior most cadet at the Republic Day Parade in 2002.

Ms. Aparna Das Battula

became the first Indian woman to get the Jockey licence in USA.

Ms. Ashwini Ponappa

won the gold medal in the Badminton Doubles at the Commonwealth Games in 2012.

Ms. Manisha .M and Ms. Rupali Samuel

represented the school at Verbattle 2007 and won the National Finals.

Ms. Nandini Sudhir

is a well known classical guitarist who has won several International Music competitions and continues to enthral many with her performance.

Ms. Priya Prakash

is an upcoming ace badminton player and has represented the state on numerous occasions.

Ms. Julianna James

has made a name for herself in the sporting fraternity of Bangalore, India and the World. She is currently a top skater excelling in short and long distance roller skating.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art which was introduced on March 22nd, 1966 by General Choi Hong Hi, in Seoul. Taekwondo is a Korean word which can be split to give three words, thus summarising what taekwondo really is. ‘Tae’ means to jump or to smash with the foot. ‘Kwon’ means to punch or block with the fist. ‘Do’ means the art or the way. The main way by which Taekwondo can be differentiated from other martial arts is that it mainly focuses on self-defence, not attacking. I started ITF Taekwondo in the 7th standard. I was lucky to have very good coaches who trained me and helped learn the intricacies of the sport.

Over the last 3 years, I have had the opportunity of representing Karnataka and India in various competitions –

• Aug 2012- Represented Karnataka in 9th South and west India Invitational Taekwondo championships in Goa- Gold in sparring.

• Aug 2012- Represented India in the Shanghai 2nd GCTF (Greater China Taekwondo Federation) World open Tournament- bronze for patterns.

• Jan-2013- 13th State Level Taekwondo championships 2013- 2 bronze for individual and group pattern and silver for sparring.

• Aug 2013- Represented Karnataka in the 10th South and west India Invitational ITF Taekwondo Championship in Calicut, Kerala- gold for group patterns and 2 silver for individual pattern and sparring.

• Dec 2013- Represented Karnataka in the28th National Taekwondo Championship in Bengaluru, Karnataka- silver in group patterns and bronze in sparring.

• Apr 2014- Represented India at the 7th Asian Taekwondo Championships in Kathmandu, Nepal- 2 silvers for patterns and special techniques and a bronze for sparring.

I am now a Black Belt- and I believe that every girl should have the ability to learn self-defence. This gives tremendous confidence as well as the strength to build courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit.

The School believes that every child has the potential to become a Light of the World. Based on the bedrock of Christian values and traditions, the school of holistic education, striking a perfect balance between Academics, Sports and co curricular activities.