❞ SFX- a safe, warm loving place. I can honestly look back and say that for most of us, the school played a huge role in making us the hard working, disciplined and respectable young women we are today.

Michelle BakesBatch of 2006

❞ Our SFX school life in a nutshell? Well they were the best years of my childhood. The teachers we had were wonderful and lived up to the age old belief that they take the place of parents at school. I must add that the fact that we girls have kept up our friendship from the age of eight till now at sixty five, speaks volumes for our school atmosphere and the strong bonds that were cemented. Mention must be made that several SFX girls have been very successful in life. Three cheers to our dear St. Francis Xavier Girls’ High School Forever!!

Usha Naidu JeromeBatch of 1963

❞ When I was in grade 9 my mom underwent a brain tumor removal surgery, I was completely down but my Xavierite family stood by me. When my mom's surgery was going on my entire school was called for an assembly and was asked to pray. All my teachers were with me during this period especially Miss Rajeshwari my Hindi teacher who took care of me like my mother. I don't live in India but whenever I come down I visit my school and tears flow down my cheeks when I think of my wonderful days at school.

Maria LeenaBatch of 1993

❞ What I learnt at SFX- To be a leader as well as a member of a team’ To be competitive but not cut throat, To be sporting and gracious, both on and off the job. To play the game of life for the sheer love of it.

Jacqueline ColacoHead Girl, batch of 1964

❞ The dream school every girl would strive to get in. The very name brings a flood of memories and deep sense of nostalgia.

Shania Mary – Batch of 2013

❞ Batch of 1974 SFX- Those were the best years of my life. Thanks to what we were taught, I have been able to lead an organized life, think outside the box and treat people with respect.

Nirmala Gomes Sequira – Batch of 1972

❞ I take huge pride in being a former Xavierite. Everything that I take pride in now, has its origin in SFX. A BIG 'Thank You' to all the teachers who helped shape my life.

Tara Nagaraj

❞ Looking back over the years, I have realized that this school did not just help me develop my capabilities but moulded and shaped my mind, while preparing me for the greatest examination- Life.

Kumudini Ravindra – Batch of 2007

❞ I am now a musician and I can say that love of music and singing was instilled in me by Mrs. Van der Veen. Our school and teachers gave us a wholesome education with a lot of emphasis on co-curricular activities. I would like to thank SFX for giving me some of my best years in life.

Tanvi Rao

❞ Learning was such a nice experience in SFX as we had a great set of Teachers, strict, but caring & values based.

Chitra Nanjunda Cariappa – Batch of 1968

❞ School was like my second home! I never even dreamt of leaving school It felt like this routine was going to continue forever! It suddenly ceased and it was hard to find a new home.

Shambhavi Prabhu – Batch of 2013

❞ The best years in school, gave me a chance to dance with the culture club, sing with an awesome choir and take part in sports. Forever thankful and grateful.

Beverly Marie Otter – Batch of 2004

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