School Parents Teachers Association

Several parents as well as school authorities had frequently expressed a desire to form an association. On July 13th 1965, the parents, teachers and guardians welcomed the proposal . A committee was appointed to form the constitution. The constitution drafted was presented at the general body meeting that was held on August 26th 1965. The draft was accepted and thus, the P.T.A. of St. Francis Xavier High School was born. An executive committee comprising of 12 parents and 6 teachers was elected. The association has since come a long way in creating a school community working for the betterment of the students entrusted to their care.

• To promote the welfare of children, adolescents and youth in the home, the school and the community
• To create better understanding between parents and teachers and a harmonious relationship between the school community and society
• To create the necessary consciousness among parents to stimulate their interest in their children and in the school.
• To work for the improvement of the school with the united efforts of parents, teachers and school authorities.
• To work to create better homes with the help of the teachers and parents.
• To help parent and teachers to adapt themselves to the changing concepts of society.
• To produce suitable literature for this purpose.

• To help the parents to understand the school programmes by arranging open days at school during which parents can visit the school and observe their children at work.

• To arrange for frequent general meetings where parent-teacher consultations are possible in groups as well as individually

• To prepare programmes which can increase co-operation between the school community and society

• To provide various opportunities to parents and teachers to meet on an equal footing and discuss the problems of their children.

• To arrange for social get-togethers and programmes of recreation for parents and teachers

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