Dear Parents,

Greetings !
We are happy to collaborate with the parents once again during the academic year 2019-2020.

Human beings are the crown of God's creation and the whole earth was gifted to us to enjoy the fruits of it. But we are seeing that very less care is given to conserve and preserve nature and in turn we are not getting the best out of it.

Hence there is a need for an awareness to be brought about among ourselves of conserving nature and how we could have safe food / safe water /safe air / good health for the existing and future generation. As educationalist we have a higher responsibility to educate the student community and the parents.

The Management and Staff of St. Francis Xavier Girls' High School along with the Organic Terrace Gardening group of Dr Vishwanath Kadur is organizing a 2 day event on "Building Ecological Consciousness" which is in continuation with the session organized on Health and Nutrition during the parents' orientation.

We encourage each one of you dear parents to be a part of this event and make our Planet Earth a Safe dwelling.

The details of the event are as follows:

Sl. No. Date and Time Event
1 23rd August 2019
09.a.m to 04 p.m.
An Exhibition and Workshop for Adults and Children
2 24th August 2019
09.a.m to 04 p.m.
An Exhibition and Workshop for Adults and Children

The Exhibition and Workshop would be based on the following:
Energy conservation by IAEMP (Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals)
Water Conservation by Water Warriors
Chemical Free Living by Prana Poorna Collective
Sustainable Hygiene by Stone Slope
The Amazing World of Bees and Bee Keeping by Honey Day Bee Farms Pvt. Ltd
Segregation and Composting by Hasiru Dala
Recycling of Waste and E-Waste by Sahas
Sustainable home by Good Earth Builders
The Wonderful World of Insects by Entomology Dept. of University of Agricultural Sciences
Importance of Trees and Legislation with regard to Trees by TREES
Safe Food and Adulterants in Food by Ms. Noor Fatima
OTG Journey by the OTG group of Bangalore
Alternatives to Plastics by Stone Soup
Recycling of Waste by Swachha Bangalore
Zero Waste Houses by Adamya Chetna
Healing with Herbs by FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions)
Harmful Effects of Plastics and alternative to Plastics by Stone Soup
SWM Rules by BBMP

Free Workshops for Adults (per day two)
Chemical Free Living by Smitha Kamath (Chemical Engg.)
Healing with Herbs by team from FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions)
Water Conservations by Water Warriors
Energy Conservation by IAEMP (Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals)
Composting by Meena Krishnamurthi (BE, MBA from IIM)
Gardening Workshop by (By Dr. Rajendra Hegde
Holistic Nutrition by Mr Anil Kapur
Cooking with Millets and Plant Based Dairy products.

Free Workshops For Both Children and Adults*
Sustainable Hygiene by Dr. Meenahkshi Bharat
Wonderful World of Play by Venketesh Hugar

Children's Workshops (per day two)*
Gardening Workshop by OTG group
Importance of Fitness by Amruth (Fitness Centre )
Toy making by Waste Items by Antara Mukherjee
Seed Ball Making by Shankar
Environment Quiz for Kids by Atul Chandra
Developing Organic Colours by Mr Anand Dharwar.

Kindly confirm your participation for the event online using the following link by 17th August 2019,

We hope our efforts result in more Ecologically Conscious and Responsible Citizens.

Thanking you,

God Bless !