Dear Parents,

Kindly take note of the following:

Parents may meet the class teacher on Fridays between 2.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.  with a prior appointment, confirming the same on Mondays.  (the school calendar could be used to send a note)

To reduce the weight of the school bag, Semester books will be kept with the respective class teachers.  Children will be allowed to take it home on weekends (i.e., Fridays) and to bring it back to school on Mondays.  Cloth bags would be a better choice than heavy school bags. – a suggestion.

Parents are requested to arrange the books as per the day’s time table.

Avoid sending long note books.

Kindly send healthy food to children (not junk food) in steel containers /water bottles and not in plastic, as plastic emits toxins which are harmful to the health of the children

Parents are requested to drop the child/children closer to the school and leave immediately and not to drop them exactly at the school gate.  As this would help in the easy entry of children into the school / avoiding unnecessary parking of vehicles / traffic congestion  and accidents.

At the closing time of the school please collect your ward on time as per the schedule given- Schedule

Standard I                 –       2.05 p.m.

Standard II                –       2.20 p.m.

Standard III              –       2.30 p.m.

Standard IV              –       2.40 p.m.

Parents are welcome to volunteer  for the traffic management, to control /assist  the easy flow of traffic and  the parking of cars and auto rickshaws in the morning and afternoon, please contact the PTA members.

Kindly refrain from sending chocolates and sweets  to school on the birthday of the child /children as chocolates and sweets  are increasingly becoming unsafe for children, if interested may distribute peanut toffee (chikki).

Thanking you for your co-operation concerning the safety of the children.

God Bless  !