Dear Parents,

ABP Ananda TV Channel has decided to extend the ‘Live Lessons’ programme for an additional 2 weeks.  Please find below the schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Schedule of ICSE/ISC teaching on air with ABP Ananda – 9th May to 17th May 2020

Day/Date/Time Subject Topic
Sunday, 10th May
12 noon-1.00p.m.
English Language (ICSE) Composition - Debate - Email Writing (Class IX and X)
Saturday,  16th May,
12 noon - 1.00 p.m.
English Language (ISC) Comprehension (Vocabulary) Composition Writing, Expository Essay, Project Work (Class XI)
Sunday,  17th May,
12 noon – 1.00 p.m./td>
English Literature (ICSE) Poem:  The Patriot by Robert Browning for Class

This is for your information.